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"Hi! Who are you?" 

//Hi! I’ve been quite sick these past few days, so I’ve gotten very behind on replies. Like if I owe?

Please don’t get tired of me.

It happens every time. People lose interest in me. They get tired of me. Suddenly, they don’t bother hitting me up anymore. The conversations become shorter. They forget about me and I just become a distant memory. I wonder if it’s my fault sometimes. But then I realize that people never stay in my life. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

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//So Lizzie from physio told me that my bones in my upper back can’t move anymore so if I hadn’t come to physio my back basically could have snapped in half because the whole pressure of my movement is put on my lower back and my whole spine is pressing down on it and also all the muscles in my arse/thighs are pulling my back muscles down making the bone condition worse cause I can’t stand straight. So now when ever I have to sit I have to stick my boobs out and look like a twat. Fun.

This also means I might not be able to come on as much after Christmas ‘cause Lizzie says to exercise more, which means I will buy the new Just Dance and occupy myself with that. So slower replies, apologies lovelies. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE MY MEDICAL CENTER’S RIGHT NEXT TO TESCO SO I GOT THE HITMAN: ABSOLUTION TESCO SPECIAL EDITION WOOT 

(The TESCO exclusive includes a free suit and a free gun, also it’s like £16 cheaper)


“I’ll walk with you.” At this point she didn’t care what Marcus thought of her, just wanted to ensure he was safe. “Do you need a minute?” She looked over at Marcus, biting her bottom lip and playing with her fingers again.

   ”No I’m fine.” He says, and slowly stands up.  He used the wall to keep himself on his feet.  ”It’s going to be difficult to get through the crowd of dancing people though.” He said, stopping for a moment to allow his vision to adjust.

Noelle put an arm around his shoulder without a second thought, and walked forward with him, pushing the door open with her free hand as she went. “Think about it. It’s Christmas time. There’s gonna be ice outside. If you’ve not picked up already, in your physical state you’re going to need help walking.” She sounded cheeky, although she never meant to be. 

Um my hair’s decided to be a wee shite and I am very concerned hence eyebrows and I’m going to physio in tight clothes this can only spell disaster also I left my makeup bag… somewhere I don’t know and PISH I LOOK ABOUT 11




“Pish.” She popped her lips, making the ‘p’ that much louder. But concern was evident in Marcus’ tone of voice, so she stopped arguing. She looked down at the floor and started playing with her fingers again. Noelle was then silent for a moment before asking again, although she suspected knew the answer, “So, what’s the plan now?”


His eyes narrowed for brief moment, he shrugged his shoulders lightly. “It’s late.” He says, “I might as well get home if I stay here I’ll end up passing out..” He sighs, and yawns slightly.


“Are you sure you can make it back on your own?” Concern was obvious in Noelle’s voice, though she tried to mask it. She wasn’t inviting herself back to Marcus’ house but wanted to make sure he was alright. She felt it was her responsibility, though she didn’t want to baby him. After all, he was the same age as her.

“Only if I walk.” He tells her.  He was exhausted just from drinking.  ”If I drive, I’d end up dead.” He chuckled dryly, and sat straight up.  He felt nausea stir up in his stomach, and laid his head back once again.


"I’ll walk with you." At this point she didn’t care what Marcus thought of her, just wanted to ensure he was safe. "Do you need a minute?" She looked over at Marcus, biting her bottom lip and playing with her fingers again.

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“I had to go to school. It was better than being at home when we had my mum and her boyfriend, but when they fucked off I had to take care of my sister, so we both had to go to school. Make sure that everything seemed normal. To be honest, my attendance record was probably more surprising than the fact my parents never came to open evenings or parents nights. They let it slip though. Apart from that, I had my little posse, who hung around with me. It was fun sometimes, but others the horse-faced bitches obviously had to ruin everything.” Noelle nodded slightly, taking a swig of her drink. “But of course, school’s a love/hate thing for everyone.”

Hannah looked at her as she spoke and couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy for her. Before she started hunting, her home life had been horrendous and she’d practically bought herself up, so she knew how Noelle felt. “That must have been tough. Parents suck a lot of time…” Hannah said exhaling sharply. “I bet you were an awesome big sister though. Posse, huh? I bet you were a bad girl at school, I can’t imagine you behaving yourself! Well, damn the horse faced bitches.” Hannah laughed a little, sipping her drink. “You’re right about that, I just despised it.”

"Parents do suck indeed. I, however, was not exactly an awesome big sister. I made sure she got by, and stuck up for her sometimes, but other than that I treated her as a guest." Noelle was chewing on the side of her cheeks inbetween talking now. "Though I’m not so sure about the bad girl part. I definitely didn’t behave, but rather than rebelling, I was just an annoying little fuck. Same now, really."

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Noelle looked him up and down. “Hi. I’m Noelle. What do you want?” Realising how rude she sounded, she rephrased the question. “Um, why are you here?”


I need someone to rp. RIGHT NOW.  Or someone will die.

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